Session Fees Payment Policy

All our Pre-School session fees are chargeable unless they are covered by Early Years Education funding. Such instances where funding does not cover the session fees are: if a child’s funding is allocated to a different provider, or if the child begins attending Pre-School sessions before they become eligible for funding.

All session fees are payable in advance preferably in full at the beginning of each half term period. 

Sunrise and Sunset bookings must be paid for online at the time of booking. For voucher payments, accounts must be in credit to make a booking. For more information, please speak to the Office.

Session fees are still payable during periods of holidays, illness or any other absence.

We are a ‘cashless’ setting and payment for Pre-School should be paid either by cheque (made payable to ‘Wollaston & Strixton Pre-School’) or BACS (please ask for our Bank details).

Fees for any additional sessions attended must be paid for in full in advance.

Fees are due in advance, where there are outstanding fees of two weeks or more, your child will not be able to attend any further sessions until the outstanding amount has been paid in full.

Where fees remain outstanding for four weeks this may result in your child losing their place at our Pre-School. In such instances we reserve the right to withdraw your child’s place at Pre-School. Such action will only be taken after full discussion of the matter with the parent/carer and after one week’s notice has been given.

Where a parent/carer finds that they are unable to pay the session fees in full in advance they may discuss the possibility of a regular payment plan with the Pre-School Manager and Committee.