Registration and Booking Policy


To enrol your child(ren) in the Sunrise and Sunset Before and After School Club, registration and booking’s must be completed via the online booking system. This can found at

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to book sessions and not the school or staff.

Bookings can be made for any of the weeks available to you at the time of login. Please ensure you check the dates and sessions of your booking, parental mistakes cannot be refunded.

Booking Cut off is 12midnight the night before.

Cancellation of sessions must be made at least 24hours prior to the session by email or telephone to 01933 664551 or or are chargeable.

Any requests to change or cancel sessions must be made before the cut-off point.  We will do our utmost to accommodate any requests to change sessions, but in order to do this, we do require plenty of notice to ensure staffing levels can be adjusted accordingly.   


The Sunrise Breakfast Club runs from Monday to Friday during term-time only. Sessions run from 7.30am to 8:45am. With breakfast at a cost of £5.30.

Late Sessions run from 8.00am to 8:45am. Without breakfast at a cost of £3.10.

Sessions are available to book in advance only and must be booked online before the cut-off point.

The After School Club will run from Monday to Thursday during term-time only. Sessions run from 3:30pm to 6:00pm with a healthy snack included at a cost of £10.35.  Sessions are available to book in advance only and must be booked online before the cut-off point of 12 midnight the day before.

PICK UP TIME IS BY 6:00pm AT THE LATEST. This time MUST be strictly adhered to due to insurance. An adult will be required to sign in your child for Breakfast club and out from After School Club.

Admittance to After School Club will not be granted if a session has not been booked and your child’s name is not on the register. 

Should you need to contact the Club please use one of the following numbers:

Tel 01933 664551 / 07572 040744


Payment must be made at the time of booking online, if you are using vouchers your account must be in credit to make a payment online.

Refunds will not be made for any booked sessions that are missed, please see paragraph below on charges.

Booked sessions will be charged for, irrespective of absences or the time that your child is collected, this is to cover staffing provision.

If your child is involved in an extra-curricular club that clashes with one of your booked After School Club sessions, this will be classed as an absence and will still be chargeable. We regret that this has to be enforced, but is to ensure essential overheads relating to staffing provision are covered and to secure your child’s place.

Late collection of children will incur the following fines and payment is due within 14 days to the Preschool office:  

6pm to 6.15pm - £5.00 6.15pm onwards - £10 for every five minutes late.

Persistent late pickups will result in the loss of your child/rens place. Non-payment of the late pick up fee will also result in the loss of your child’s place.


Payment Exceptions:

We understand there are, however, always exceptions to payments due to certain factors:

  • If the school is closed for any reason, ie. enforced snow closure, there will be no charge to the parent.
  • If a child is ill for a prolonged period of absence (over 1 week) you may be entitled to a refund.  You must make your request for the refund in writing to the preschool office.

Every effort will be made to be flexible and understanding.

Notice of any increase in charges: 

We will give a minimum of one month’s notice, in writing to parents, of any increases in charges.  


This Policy was adopted by Wollaston and Strixton Preschool on:
Date: 2nd July 2019

Last Review: October 2021
Review Date: October 2022
Signed: K Gay